What to Expect

Welcome to Oak Park!

Our Sunday school begins at 9:30am. We have classes for kids, youth, and adults as well as a nursery which is provided during both the Sunday School hour as well as during the worship service. The classes are designed to teach Scripture in a relevant manner that is age appropriate, helping us to understand how the Gospel affects every day of our lives.

Sunday School wraps up around 10:15 providing for a 15 minute break before the main service to gather children, greet and chat over coffee and donuts served in the lobby, and find a place to sit for worship which starts at 10:30.

Our worship is contemporary in style utilizing both old and new music. Musicians consist of piano, bass guitar, and drums of which may or may not play every song or every Sunday depending on the planned worship. There are multiple singers who will guide us through the music and the words are projected on two large screens. People may raise hands, clap, an occasional amen may be spoken, most anything is welcome that does not draw attention away from the One we are worshiping.

Pastor Joe will preach a sermon lasting 35 to 40 minutes. He strives to preach expository sermons, working his way through a text of scripture and demonstrating its relevance to our lives. Occasionally he will preach topically, but that is the exception and not the norm.

You are welcome to dress however you’d prefer. You’ll find some will be dressed in dresses / suits, but others will come in jeans and t-shirt and all are welcomed.

We do have personal listening devices available at the sound booth for those with difficulty hearing. Just ask.

Come worship with us!